What our valued clients say about us.

Andrew Martin and the team at MartinCo. have been my accountants and wealth creation firm for over 6 years. Looking after my personal and business taxation, as well as providing me with sound advice and strategy year on year, they have helped me grow my company to over 13 times its original size.

The firm's professionalism, service and dedication to me as a client is what keeps me coming back and why I have no hesitation in recommending them to all of my colleagues (several of whom also use MartinCo. for their own personal and business finances).

MartinCo. work hard to look after my taxation needs, help me with investment decisions, set up appropriate vehicles to manage assets and all manner of other financial assistance. They make these processes easy and seamless, allowing me to concentrate on growing my business knowing that there is professional support available at every turn.

It is hard yet refreshing to find a business that is efficient, professional, reliable yet friendly and approachable - MartinCo. have this balance down to a fine art.

Nicholas Alderdice | Chief Executive Officer | Alderdice & Associates